Thank you Roll Call

Thank you as always to my Words with Friends friends. Thank you to Schwern for the Wonder Woman pajamas and the mysterious benefactor who sent the super comfy sitting up in bed pillow. Thank you to John & Melissa for getting me the lambic oh so long ago that I am now drinking because if I’m going to be this dizzy then I’m going to be drunk. Thank you to my husband for being out while I make poor decisions because I am still free to make poor decisions. Thank you to my mom & stepdad for the very pleasant visit while we were out and about.  Thank you to Apio for cat sitting. Thank you again to Jeff for the vertigo cane, I ended up using it some today after I threw up because having my hand on a stable object helps me with which way is up and reduces vertigo. Thank you to V for thinking of me. Thank you to the people who make movies that end up on Netflix. Thank you to the TV show Midsomer Murders, especially whenever anyone says murder as “meurrrder” in that delightful British way.

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