Preparing for Bed Rest

I spend a lot of time in bed these days but it is nothing compared to the time I will be spending in bed the three weeks after brain surgery. I am therefore brainstorming how to make my bedroom most liveable. Potentially related to my need to have control over something (anything) in an otherwise powerless situation.

My resources include a bedside table, seven foot bookshelf, small craft table, comfy chair and two dressers.

We already have a TV and a Playstation set up here in the bedroom. I will probably adjust the location for more comfortable viewing. I do plan on watching movies but what movies to keep nearest to me? Up and other Pixar movies seem like a good idea. What others? Should I add a few video games to the mix? I can’t play a lot now because I’m dizzy and the surgery is supposed to have some dizzy side effects but what about a week or two after? Should I be optimistic? Or at least be sure I have the farmer video game where I can raise chickens and milk cows?

I also like the idea of keeping books within reach. What books?

Craft projects, what craft projects?

I am already bored with being sick. What can I do to make being sicker more bearable?

It’s hard to focus. Today is a bad head day. I actually threw up. I never throw up. Asophougus of steel. All I can do is lay here and quasi-think.  Need more distractions.

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