Going Slow

My husband and I had planned a four day weekend for his birthday. We made it through three and are now home. Even going slow I can’t go as far as I used to.

It leaves me feeling very very sad and petulant and hating my head. I love being active and I hate that the more active I am the more my head hurts, the more I feel like throwing up, the more my brain seems to spin behind my eyes.

Sure, I’ll feel better after laying still for a day or so. It annoys me that I wasn’t even a quarter as active as I wanted to be and I still have to pay with so much down time. It annoys me that I have to stand at the view point and look up the trail not run up the trail.

The list of things I will do when my head is better is getting longer. I hope this surgery accomplishes as much as I hope it will. I have to believe it will. It will.

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