2015 Hugo Awards Best Novel: Reviewing the Goblin Emperor


The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison (Sarah Monette) (Tor Books)

I really enjoyed this book. I just finished it and I am flush with the imagery of the world that Addison built. I enjoyed the way she layered it, things familiar to the main character, things familiar to those around him, things unfamiliar to one or all. I like that she gave people motivation, that she gave her world color and customs, that there are other stories hinted at that I can tell myself the endings to or perhaps she will. It was a good mystery as well as a good fantasy.

The word good feels right, like a good meal which at times is more satisfying than a great meal. The whole tale so neatly laid out, so calmly told, so encompassing yet gentle. It would very easy to just call this a “good book” and never express how highly I recommend it. I believe The Goblin Emperor deserves a Hugo, for world building, for talent, for compelling question after gentle compelling question, for depth and scope, and because if I were to have to choose one science fiction/fantasy novel from 2014 to whole heartedly try to get friends to read it would be this one.


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