2015 Hugo Awards Best Movie: Reviewing Interstellar

Interstellar, screenplay by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan, directed by Christopher Nolan (Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Lynda Obst Productions, Syncopy)

This is not the movie I wanted it to be.


Notes from watching:

“Well that was heavy handed.”

“When is it going to start making sense?”

Convenient astronaut appears conveniently.


Old men talking on porches.

“This world’s a trasher and it’s been telling us to leave for a while. Mankind was born on earth but it wasn’t meant to die here.”

Theme: unkeepable promises.

“Now we’re just here to be memories for our kids.”  eeewwww

They chose me. Chose me. Led.

The robots should be amusing fun tributes. The script, everything says amusing fun tributes. It’s just not succeeding. I can’t tell why.

Maybe my tv isn’t big enough.

visually very well put together, great sense of scope

ok that’s one of the cooler more creative wormhole visuals I’ve ever seen

“that’s relativity, folks”

an hour in and it’s picking up. spouse reminds me this is par for the director

oooh pretty

trapped under technology trash saved by robot

“Hey it’s the perfect storm”

“the only thing that can move across dimensions like time is gravity” – premise!

time is recursive

love isn’t something we invented, it’s observable, powerful, it must mean something

“I think this is the definition of a theater movie in that the sound mixing sucks but it’s messy visually, it’s pretty but …” “it kind of leans on being overwhelmed by the whole picture?”

This speaks back to the movie the Core: “I’m not trying to save the world, just three people.”

“No one would sacrifice to save the species.” – but this is the same guy who wants only to save himself

survival instinct to reach out to loved ones across space – “do you see your children?”

lots of talk about lies and truth

gravity gravity gravity


.. Another month old draft, publishing as is.

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