Reading for the Hugos

Just a bit ago the internet exploded with the news that some people decided to essentially stuff the ballot boxes of the Hugos. There are lots of articles about the whole affair including posts by Connie Willis, John Scalzi, George RR Martin, and Philip Sandifer (some harsh language).

The kicker is that while I have read and loved Hugo Award winners for most of my life I never realized how the Hugo Award winners were chosen. Short version? I can vote!

I love voting! I’m not going to vote this year, there’s not enough time to catch up on all the nominations, but I could be a small part of choosing next year’s Hugo Award winners.

(We’ll just ignore the fact that it’s possible to game the system and that some people think the Hugos are less meaningful because it’s based on fan vote.)  Super excited!

So I’m starting a new little side project that will get me reading more quality works as well as posting more here. I’m going to read a lot of written works that would qualify for the Hugo Awards and review them. Then next year when I vote I can go back through my reviews and choose my favorites.

Five star idea!

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