Six Months Post-Op

June 6 was my six months post-op date and I didn’t post. I feel so much better that having had brain surgery feels like it could have never happened. Except for the spot on my head with no nerves, the twinge in my skull when the weather changes, and the occasional bit of buzzing or ringing in my ear. So I can feel I had surgery but meanwhile I just feel wholer than I did before.

I also feel more relaxed, less anxious. I try to get to the gym twice a week, am getting to work regularly with sick days only for when I have a normal sort of flu or cold, and am thinking very clearly. I’m not as productive as I dreamed I would be. Instead I find myself thinking about who I feel like now that my head is all healed up. Not that I am a different person from before my surgery. It’s just I feel more capable of doing more in a slow and graceful way. I am also out of the habit of doing more and am slowly building up my stamina for life.  Still taking long naps on weekends but not as often.

What next? Camping. Road trips. Building up friendships.

4 thoughts on “Six Months Post-Op”

  1. Hi Rebekah, I came across your blog by accident today. I suffer from SCDS and am preparing for surgery next week with Dr Wackym. I promised myself after finally giving into the idea of this scary surgery that I wouldnt read too much or entertain my fear by over studying the subject. Today I gave in to wondering how else I should prepare for next week. Am I readying the right things or am I missing something critical and more necessary than having my shower sparkling clean. I found your stories and accounting genuine and comforting. Despite my fear, I am in the best possible hands and in the end, I will be better than my suffering today. I chuckled as you described how it all goes down. Thank you for your time in blogging your experience and being willing to share your story. It is getting me thru today, as the clock seems to be ticking down faster every second. Nice to find another Pacific NW SCDS gal out there! Blessings!

    1. Hi Rebekah and Deanna,

      My wife Jeannie just learned she too suffers from SCD. She has gone to many doctors over the years, and has been diagnosed with benign positional vertigo, migraine induced vertigo, as well as been told they by some that there is nothing that can be done for her and to just live her life. Her symptom included vertigo, migraine, nausea, impaired vision, hearing loss, among others. It wasn’t until recently she found Dr. Wackym and was diagnosed with SCD. She is in the process of scheduling a middle fossa craniotomy surgery. Jeannie as well as my self have been online trying to find individuals that have had similar symptoms and have gone through this same surgery. She would love to find someone to talk to before her surgery to hear their story, symptoms, recovery, and anything else they would like to share. Thanks for letting me post and take care.

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