Walking Seven Miles Around NYC

We left our friends’ apartment around 10am, ate breakfast at Clark’s Cafe, then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Breakfast was funny. Isaiah ordered a chilli cheese omelett and had to get something else when it came out with chilli not chillis in it. Vegetarians.

Once in Manhattan we took the 6 train to Forbidden Planet and the Strand. From there we went to Tea and Sympathy for a British lunch.

The afternoon was spent wandering the Americam Museum of Natural History then back to the West Village for dinner with John and Lisa at Westville. Dessert at City Cakes for cupcakes and a milk bar in Chelsea Market for milk.

Along the way Isaiah bought a book, I got a tshirt, and we got some loose tea.

Back in Brooklyn Heights with sore feet and tired head. The hepa filter air thing makes my ears pop and roll. Time to read until bed.

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