Travel Day with some SCDS notes

The balance therapist at Dr Wackym’s office told me before flying to take Sudafed for three days, drink lots of water and take 5mg valium before boarding the plane. My ears have been popping but there is no pain on my surgery side ear until I wrote that then there was the tiniest twinge. Overall though flying is going really well. We took of a bit after 7am and have been in flight for a half hour. I will copy this note into wordpress later. I don’t feel like paying $15 for inflight wifi.

Isaiah is reading the Delta magazine. I am listening to music on my phone, writing this post snd shortly will either knit or nap. There is good leg and head room but my back hurts from the seat. Four hours shouldn’t be too bad.

A little over half way through the flight. If I had bought the wifi I could message Isaiah’s sister that we are flying over her now. I love these flight data screens with maps.

Three hours into the flight and my head started feeling odd pressure. Took 5mg valium. If that doesn’t help I will try more Sudafed though my sinuses are incredibly clear. Nothing I can’t live with but I am trying to live life preventively.

Landed safe. Leaving JFK. Wonderful to get away from home to someplace different and familiar. <3 NY.

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