Self Trust Post Brain Fog

One of my most hated symptoms of Superior Canal Dehiscence was brain fog. I still hate it most. I don’t have brain fog (except for the normal kind one gets with a bad head cold) but it turns out I live with the echo of brain fog.

The other day I participated in cognitive testing. My surgeon is working with a researcher who is researching pre and post op cognition. After my first post-op test one thing was very clear: I don’t trust my own thinking. I think a lot better. I just don’t think I think a lot better. I have fallen into the habit of assuming my brain doesn’t function well.

I have a psychosomatic brain limp.

And a head cold.

4 thoughts on “Self Trust Post Brain Fog”

  1. Hey Rebecca,
    I was wondering if there were any differences between your pre-op and post-op cognitive tests? I took a neuropsych test a few months ago and it showed some heavy deficits. I have yet to get surgery but was wondering if there was hard evidence that your cognitive test scores improved after your surgery. Thanks!

      1. I was diagnosed with SCDS last September (2016) after 2 years of being told by 3 different GP’s at my GP Practice (general practitioner uk speak) that I had…water in my ear, definitely can see it give it a few month…no water probably glue ear like kids…nothing wrong take nasal spray..Finally part time GP sent me to ENT at local hospital. Specialist had my hearing tested, no hearing loss then I explained, “feel like ears plugged after long flight, can hear my heartbeat, sounds from my neck like crinkly tinfoil, not dizzy but odd” he sent me for CT scan and hey presto SDCS. Told only 1 place in UK to go for op and it’s not in my part of U.K by miles. Specialist knows what SCDS is but has never seen an op, he said he’d check it out. Feb 2017 spoken to colleague at another hospital suggests specialist balance test. My Specialist says he knows what I have, CT scan shows it but ok. Apparatus coming from another hospital. Called this week March 2017 told yes the apparatus is at the hospital but long queue ahead of me maybe 4 or 5 months. NHS is free and brilliant but very overworked! I was told not to search about this syndrome in the web but I’m getting more serious symptoms. I have fallen a few times when I’ve been standing every time. I called the dogs my voice boomed I fell, turned to check the oven bang against the cabinet down. I feel Off but had no way to explain to my husband UNTIL I read your Brain Fog piece just now. Thank you that’s what it’s like, it’s so hard to exclaim to anyone. I feel as if someone understands. So upshot after all this. I’m commenting to say thank you and I hope that you are as recovered as you sound. Stay well. Brit-chick.

      2. I’m glad I could help. I chose to be very public with my own experience because it was so hard to find anything online. We need each other’s stories. Take care.

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