Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome Symptoms: Brain Fog

I think my “favorite” symptom is one called “brain fog.” Seriously. Brain fog.

My original search for answers was based on what I considered my primary symptom: headaches.

I thought that the confusion and inability to focus was just a side effect of having a headache that lasted for months without a break. Then in discussing Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrom (SCDS) with my doctor I found out that it is considered a symptom all on its own.

I mentioned this to a coworker and he said something similar happens to new parents. He says the exact same thing every time I tell him that brain fog is a symptom of SCDS. He’s a parent and good at repetition.

So yeah, I can’t think as well as I used to. Really, physically can’t think as well. I’m late more often, forget that I have to be places or call people or do things. I forget how to do things. People’s names when looking straight at them. Words. Putting thoughts together is an effort.

It became enough of an issue when I almost missed one of my doctor appointments that I sat Isaiah, my husband, down and had a talk. Now my husband comes from a very relaxed family and I love him for it. Our relationship has always been me organizing and him keeping me from getting stressed over organizing. We are a good partnership. He took on all my chores and takes wonderful care of me without hovering.

The talk*:

Me, “Isaiah, I’m not doing well. We almost missed that doctor’s appointment and I can’t be responsible for remembering them. I need help.”

Isaiah, “Ok, we’ll get you an iPhone.”

Note how adeptly he dodged being responsible for me. Good man!

*It should be noted that when I “quote” I am never really quoting, it’s always a paraphrase based on how I remember it.

Anyway, I have an iPhone now that I lean on for calendaring, note taking, reminder lists, whatnot. I’ve also starting taking a ridiculous number of pictures of the cats.  Brain fog. Yeah.

4 thoughts on “Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome Symptoms: Brain Fog”

  1. Suffering from chronic vertigo I understand the brain fog. Words that really describe the experience.

    Wanted to let you know I’m reading along. As usual, swamped at work. But I’m here. If only virtually at this point.

    iPhone dependence should have it’s own diagnosis code – just a warning. ;)

  2. “It should be noted that when I “quote” I am never really quoting, it’s always a paraphrase based on how I remember it.”

    It should be noted that all quotes work this way.

  3. […] Brain Fog: seriously. And it’s not just a happy haze. It is an inability to remember basic concepts, appointments, to put two and two together, to remember to turn the stove element on, to remember the stove element is on and the water is boiling and ready for Mac & Cheese to be added, not remember something said five minutes earlier. To be able to think at all. Multitasking went from second nature to completely impossible to the level where if something moved or made a sound it counted as a conflict to whatever conversation I was having. […]

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