A Walk Around the Block

Three weeks ago today I had a middle fossa craniotomy to fix my superior canal dehiscence. The three week marker means that today I got to go for a walk, a real walk, not walking to the car or walking a little in the store while my husband dashes about shopping, a Real Walk.

I love walks. I like to call them constitutionals like I’m a grand Victorian dam. Isaiah calls them “walksies” because the level of enthusiasm I show for walks is on par with the level of enthusiasm a puppy would show. “Is it time for walksies?” YES YES YES

This enthusiasm was present before I started having health problems. It has hit an almost zen like mighty yawp of howling delight post health problems.

A lot of other fantastic things happened today. There were presents great and surprising. Yesterday evening was pretty awesome too. Hopefully I’ll write about all the other wonderful things in my life at some point. I have a lot of gratitude to express. Right now though I am just basking in the afterglow of having gone on a walk.

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