Home Alone for Three Hours

My mom left for home at noon today. I know it sounds odd but she is a Jehovah’s Witness and I am not. We agreed that she should have some peace and I should blare my Christmas music and that these things were best done in different towns.

I have been home alone for three hours and I have to admit I have not blared any music at all. I simply listen to the strange quiet of an empty house. Yeah, I have two cats but even they are being mellow today. I’ve surfed the internet and reheated the potato-cheddar-beer soup Isaiah made for me last night for lunch today.

It was amazingly delightful to have Mom up helping take care of me. It is also very nice to have the house to myself. This is the longest period I’ve been alone for three weeks since a few days before the surgery. Foreign feeling but good.

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