The Little Things

We went to hang out with Isaiah’s sorta-sister Aimee, her husband David, and their son Bodhi for brunch. Bodhi is delightful.

After breakfast I took a nap because my head was hurting. I take a lot of naps. Though they had a spare room with a bed I chose to curl up on the couch and just close my eyes for a bit.

At first Bodhi didn’t get it. He kept saying “Aunt B, come look!” When his mom explained I was napping and suggested he give me a toy to cuddle. He brought me a lion. Then a puppy. Then a bird. Then more toys that I didn’t look at because I just kept my eyes closed as he piled more stuffed animals on.

Aimee tried to tell him to “leave Aunt B alone” and he responded “I’m giving her friends.”

I knew visiting would be exhausting but also very very rewarding. Bodhi’s generosity was so warming. Aimee and David always so loving and kind. It was a great visit.

Some days are tough. Some weeks are tough. Some times I am just waiting for my surgery and hoping for relief.

There’s nothing like a three year old piling snuggly toys on you to make a moment feel over the top and life a lot more than just head pain.

PS: Yes, I am “Aunt B” or “Aunt Bee” and Isaiah is “Uncle Slim.”

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