Nesting & Thank Yous

I’ve a row of books I may read, a row of movies I may watch, some handy things in case I feel crafty. A lot of optimism on the bookshelf by my bed. Most important it will be clean and neat, equally easy to sleep in as be busy.

I hung the scarf my previous coworkers made me for the last surgery where I could see it. I think I’m going to put about as much beautiful stuff of the like as possible. Things given to me, things made for me, things that will remind me there are people out there rooting for me.

Speaking of which. Thank you to Glory for thinking of me, to Stacey for her generosity, Osiris for hosting me, Caro for making plans to come visit for my post-surgery birthday, and Winnie always for her eCards. I am surrounded by amazing people.

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