Caregiver Hints

Some information to help caregivers give care. Which I’ll expand on over time.

Water – I  keep a sealed water bottle by me as our kitten Pirate likes to tip over water glasses. I may not remember to ask for more water but keeping the water bottle filled and me hydrated will be very helpful for my recovery.

Text Messaging – After the surgery I may feel a lot better but right now noise is really hurtful and I’m more likely to text for help than yell for help and I certainly wouldn’t want to ring a bell or any other noisy thing. Help make this an easy way to communicate.

Light Lifting – I know there will be a short period where I am not allowed to lift 10 lbs or more. The cats are each 10 lbs. I love to pick them up. Help me not be stupid.

Plants – I have four plants in the house. An African violet on the fireplace mantle, an aloe vera plant and a button fern by the window in the dining room, and a plant  I  can’t remember the name of that I call my “frog plant” that  lives high up on a bookshelf in  the living room. Pirate  likes  to  eat the frog plant so it has to stay up high and is often forgotten on watering rounds. If you come to visit could you stick a finger  in the dirt of  these plants and if the dirt is dry add a little water? I’d really like my plants to survive my surgery and they can’t meow at Isaiah like the cats do. (Though if you want to check the cat water too that would be  helpful.)

Walk Slow – There will be a point where I will feel well enough for short neighborhood strolls but not well enough to walk at a pace. Imagine you’re with your old grandma who just sprained an ankle. Or a nine month old. Or a tiny tiny turtle. Walking slow these days to keep my headaches to a minimum I have learned there are people who just cannot walk slow. Feel free to decline walking with me if you couldn’t go on a walk with a tiny tiny turtle.

Couch Cushions – We have an old couch that the seat cushions slowly slide out from. It would be super wonderful supportive to have these  put back in their proper place for couch sitting. It’s just a little fluffing but the difference on backs and bums is amazing.

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