Superior Canal Dehiscence (SCDS)

Looking for my SCDS related posts?

I am looking to a future when this is just a corner of my life and not the whole of it I am making a section of the website to house everything about my SCDS experience. This is a list of posts related to my time dealing with SCDS. The other option is to choose SCDS from the word cloud to the side.

Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome sucks. That’s the easiest description. For a longer medical description as  well as  a video made by the doctor who will be performing my surgery check out the page at and of course there’s the wikipedia page.

The best way to get my personal experience is to read the posts categorized by the term SCDS. It may seem odd that I am posting so many personal things and thoughts about an illness. My hope is that this information will serve to help others who have SCDS or those who know someone who has SCDS. You never know what a big deal a tiny hole in your inner ear is until you live with it.

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