2015 Hugo Awards Best Fan Writer: Reviewing J Johnson

Jeffro Johnson

In talking to my spouse about what a fan writer should do I point to my friends Katy, Pope, and Karen. Katy was the girl who introduced me to Star Trek fandom in high school with her all encompassing enthusiasm and imagination. Pope’s breadth of knowledge makes everything a little better, turning a sometimes bland movie into something with depth and history and character. Karen is the Doctor Who of Supernatural adventures. She opens the door and beckons.

To get a sense of Pope’s work check out his Century Film Project. Karen’s twitter feed of Supernatural cons and happenings (as well as her beautiful photographs of her life) is outstanding. Either one of them could make you love what they love.

I opened up Jeffro Johnson’s PDF in the voter’s packet for the Hugo Awards and breathed a sigh of relief. This. This is what I’ve been looking for. Jack Vance and D&D. YES. Each article is full of Johnson’s enthusiasm for the genre, tidbits of collected information, quotes, and references. This is a fan writer! After finishing reading I know more than I did, I appreciate more than I had, and I am (momentarily) interested in exploring more. Well done.

Post-Post Note: It’s frustrating that I only have one person I would categorize as a fan writer on the best fan writer ballot. I’m going to go read past winners and nominees and use them as a measure so I’m not voting for simply fan writer and not giving up “best” to the only.

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