2015 Hugo Awards Best Fan Writer: Reviewing C Sanderson

Cedar Sanderson

Topics covered in Sanderson’s submissions:

  • Feminism in the sf/f community.
  • Comparative of fantasy novels with opinions/definitions of worth.
  • Confirmation bias.
  • Bullying.

Topics not covered:

  • Enthusiasm for a body of work in sf/f.

My eyes glazed over and I didn’t learn anything new about some awesome corner of the sf/f community. Not my best fan writer.

2 thoughts on “2015 Hugo Awards Best Fan Writer: Reviewing C Sanderson”

  1. I really disliked this one as well as the initial commentary she submitted appeared to saying that some men see a female character on the cover or female name and assume it’s message fiction and so she’s angry at other female writers, instead of you know, ignorant sons of a bitches who make stupid assumptions based on gender. Oh no, it’s not the fault of those guys, it’s the fault of other female writers for not writing to that kind of audience. Fuck that noise.

    1. I had the joy of telling a coworker today that he shouldn’t complain about being overheated. If he’s going to wear black and go outside he should just deal with the fact that the sun is going to be overly attentive.

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