2015 Hugo Awards Best Professional Artist: Reviewing C Reid

Carter Reid

I just downloaded the Hugo Nominee packet today and it has given me more insight into the nominees. Artists even self curated some works to be judged in the Best Professional Artist category. Unfortunately there was nothing there from Cater Reid. This is disappointing because I’m not sure what he wants to be judged based on. All I could find was a web comic.

I am reviewing Carter Reid as a professional web comic artist based on what I could find since he didn’t submit anything for the packet. That said I’m not going to read the whole year’s worth of comic. What I was able to make it through was tedious and uninspired. The plots seem to echo gleeful conversations between teenage boys. It’s really just not that interesting.

I can easily think of other web comics I would put up before this one, shout out to Questionable Content with it’s questionable content but also it’s exploration of AI in anthropcs.

3 thoughts on “2015 Hugo Awards Best Professional Artist: Reviewing C Reid”

  1. Unfortunately so. I don’t hold anything for or against the Sad Puppies, and I’m not bothered by the oversaturation of zombie everything, but I’ve read a lot of webcomics and Zombie Nation is not that inspired. It raises a smile here and there (I liked the one about the Politician zombie boss for Left for Dead being rejected because the zombies kept breaking their programming and beating it with metal bars) but overall lots of the jokes were repetetive (guy like boobs! lol, so you see they wouldn’t be able to complete the level if zombies had boobs, or get any work done if they were designing a zombie cheerleader (pom poms if ykw-I-mean, lol). Uninspired is the only word for it really. It took forever to get through the introductory picture-joke ones to his actual storyline and when I did the ones I read never really rose above ok. I’ve read a lot worse, but I’ve read a lot better and certainly it didn’t feel it/he deserves a Hugo. I’m against anti-puppy slates of ‘No Award’ but this can be legitimately ranked there.

    1. I can appreciate people who choose “No Award” over reading things that were nominated to rig the system instead of due to merit.

      For me reading everything and posting public reviews is a way of looking at the merit and being able to say honestly that I voted based on the value of each work. It’s been an interesting exercise in trying to remain unbiased while having an opinion.

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