2015 Hugo Awards Best Professional Artist: Reviewing N Greenwood

Nick Greenwood

Greenwood is obviously an artist of some scope and skill. He has an extensive portfolio to browse through. He self curated a section called most recent which I used as the launching point from which to examine his current state as an artist. I find his work to be expressive and clear.

Oddly enough the pieces of his I like the most are ones that with a less skilled artist I would put in the category of graphic design but Greenwood has done so well and with such balanced that I choose to call them art. Killing the Emporers is the best case of this though all of his mystery novel covers are equally pleasing.

His science fiction covers are classic: Battle School & Shadows in Flight. His fantasy covers also deliver: Shadows in the Night & Notes on a Page. Everything is well balanced both by visual weight and in colors and he is very true to whatever genre he is illustrating: Oggrak.

A solid showing and definitely a professional artist.

2 thoughts on “2015 Hugo Awards Best Professional Artist: Reviewing N Greenwood”

  1. But which of his works are from 2014? Most of the ones I’ve looked at have earlier date-stamps. In the packet, the only thing that has a 2014 creation date is the cover to Dead Float.

    What do you think of the idea that the Artist categories should be changed to “Best Pro/Fan Artwork”? That is, voting for a particular work, not a body of work which may or may not have been created in the target year?

    1. Having the vote be for a specific piece would certainly simplify things. For now I’m just doing my best to take each category as specifically as possible while still being true to my own tastes.

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