One Year Anniversary of Surgery

A year ago today I had a middle fossa craniotomy to fix a tiny hole in my head called superior canal dehiscence. It was one of the smartest decisions of my life. After the surgery I wrote a post about the symptoms I had had and the symptoms that still lingered less than a month after surgery. Given the anniversary I thought I’d do another post on symptoms.

This was the original list, now with notes of how I’m doing a year later.

Pulse-synchronous oscillopsia. (The little dot in my eye that goes ping ping ping or ponk ponk ponk.): Gone.
Hyperacusis, over sensitivity to sound: Gone. My husband is shocked at the amount of noise I tolerate now.
Low-frequency conductive hearing loss: Gone.
Headache/migraine:  The old headache is gone. Sometimes the bone aches when the weather pressure changes. I have a friend who broke his wrist who has the same problem. Bone heals slowly.
Autophony: Gone. SO weird that my voice only exists outside my head!
Vertigo/Nausea: I still get dizzy if I overdo the walking while moving my head but nausea and falling down and bumping into things all gone.
Ear Fullness: My ear still feels funny like there’s something in it but only when the weather pressure is up and not in that airplane taking off with a headcold way that it did before.
Brain Fog: Still gone!!!!

Happy days and eternal thanks to Dr Wackym in Portland who fixed my head.

3 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary of Surgery”

  1. Hi Rebekah,
    It’s been great reading your posts on your website! My daughter had surgery almost 4 weeks ago with Dr Wackym. It’s been so helpful to hear your story and journey through recovery. I would love to talk more and find out if you have anymore tips on recovering.

  2. Rebekah! I am sitting here at work reading your blog over my lunch break (I oftentimes check it to see if you’ve posted something new). I am so elated for you after reading your post. First, happy one-year-post-surgery anniversary! And, second, I am just ecstatic that most of your initial symptoms are gone. I’m so happy you shared this information so I could enjoy the news. I miss you and our talks. Hopefully we can get together in 2015 to celebrate your wellness. Love, Glory

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    My daughter also the same surgery with Dr Wackym. She is 5 was post op. It’s been an up and down recovery so far. It’s so nice to hear your journey! It’s comforting to know she is having similar symptoms like you had during her recovery. She is most frustrated with the brain fog and slight problem with memory recall. It’s not bad but she is hoping that all will improve! Her energy level is decrease but gets bursts of energy at times! We would love to talk more and get some tips from you on recovering?!

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