Anchoring from Adrift

There’s something about changing from illness to wellness that is a surprisingly difficult switch. Not only is it a gradual shift rather than a sudden one but there’s also defining what wellness means.

Wellness to me means hiking and kayaking and taking long walks and dancing without getting out of breath (well past without getting horrible headaches or vertigo). It also means using my brain and crafting with my hands.

I joined a gym today. If anything should get me back to an active state having a gym membership will do it. I’ve done gym memberships before and they work surprisingly well for me.

Reading is part of using my brain but I think I want to start doing high school style reports on what I read. Maybe it’s time to start using Good Reads as much as friends who really use it the way it can be used.

Crafting is Isaiah’s socks, my shawl and hopefully soon some quilts.

1 thought on “Anchoring from Adrift”

  1. Hey Rebekah, just a quick note to say thanks for the updates on your recovery. I live in your neck of the woods (Montavilla), and I am scheduled for surgery for my SCDS on May 22nd. Dr. Warren from OHSU will be doing the surgery. Glad to hear you are progressing back to wellness. I look forward to that as well.

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