Review: Zell’s Cafe

I eat at Zell’s sporadically, generally getting delicious brunch items like scrambles or omelettes while my friends get things like German pancakes or French toast. The food has been consistently good since I first went there about ten years ago and the little scones that come to every table like bread in an Italian restaurant make it a magical place for me. Tiny little magical scones!

I decided to write a review now because I had lunch there today, got something totally different, and also have always wanted to write reviews.

Today at Zell’s I got a small salad and a cup of chicken noodle soup. The salad was good, everything a salad should be which is one of the things I love about Zell’s; that consistent level of quality.

The chicken noodle soup was excellent. It not only was everything a chicken noodle soup should be (falling apart perfectly cooked chicken like grandma put in, both dark and white meat, celery, onions and parsley) it also had an additional savory flavor that put it over the top. That flavor, as the chefs on the tv show Chopped say, elevated the soup. Somehow I got both the traditional grandmother’s soup I craved with just a hint of a flavor that made it something more. It could have been tarragon. It could have just been that they let everything cook together for the perfect amount of time. Either way I’m glad I got the soup.

That’s why today is the day (besides all the personal wanting to write reviews parts) that I’m writing a “go eat there!” review of Zell’s Cafe.

Go eat there!

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