A little randomness

I think I’ve been trying too hard to essentially write a dissertation on my experiences since my surgery. Sure in small bits but the list of subjects I want to write on and the structure is just too demanding for my current state of mind. Even my gratitude post which I feel welling up inside me is just too long because my people have been too fabulous for words or a short list.

This week overflows with peace. The pain from my surgery is fading and the pain from presurgery is missing. I’m not running laps but I am overjoyed. I have to remind myself to rest. That’s so different than struggling to stay awake.

The deep thoughts are flowing too. I’m contemplating how a person is made up of thoughts, appearances, words, perceptions, actions, feelings, works, dreams, memories, environments, and physical states. The reason for the plural on all of those relates to the fact that all of these things change over time, from moment to moment as well as from decade to decade. Some feelings come, go, and come back again. Same for every thing else on that list though environments teaches the lesson that even though you may go back to a place the changes over time may make it no longer the same environment. Perhaps then the emotion, such as love, fades and reblossoms but is never exactly the same again, simply similar enough to be grouped together.

Having defined the categories of a person the next step for me involves exploring what my thoughts, appearances, words, perceptions, actions, feelings, works, dreams, memories, environments, and physical states are made up of. This involves a light look over of the past with some particular focus on the past two years, strong focus on the present, and plans for my future person and the traits I desire for myself. An easy example: My physical state was illness, I am recuperating, I plan to be active and healthy.

The posts should be more frequent again now that I have decided to give myself free reign regarding topics.

And look here’s our kitten exploring the possibilities of wearing makeup with me:
Pirate with makeup on her nose
Pirate with makeup on her nose

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