Less Than Two Weeks and Listy

Listy makes a great pun. I’m listing like a ship and I’m listing like a person with a pen and paper.

Three days of work ahead, a holiday, some tasks and then surgery.

So what about those tasks?

  1. Set up Food Tidings
  2. Dye my hair (the Sunday before surgery)
  3. Do art fun
  4. Finish organizing room with Danica’s help
  5. Make a list for Danica to do the deep clean while I’m in hospital
  6. Organize health papers for SCDS (ambitious!)
  7. Make pumpkin pie (I love my own pumpkin pie)
  8. Try not to obsess on that brain surgery thing

I did get my movies for post-op sorted:
dvds in a row 1
dvds in a row 2
dvds in a row 3
Yeah, the last one is blurry. So is my brain. The thing next to the Alien set is a video game, I added more video games after taking the picture.

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