Doctor Day and Surgery

I just woke up from a five hour nap. Went to see my SCDS surgeon then bumped into Molly and had lunch together. Molly is my surgery buddy. We met on a support group for people with SCDS, both live in Portland and get along really well. Her SCDS doesn’t make her quite as loopy as mine does.

Anyway, all of my surgery questions are answered and all of Isaiah’s surgery questions are answered. My next doctor thing will be in hospital actually having my craniotomy.

I sent out the big email to everyone about surgeries and holidays and birthdays and whatnot. My birthday is ten days after the surgery. My doctor says I can drink. Isaiah says Mojitos are not a winter drink. I told him that we’d crank the heat up in the house until it was Mojito weather. I think I won that one.

Still feeling a little loopy. Lately though that’s like saying my head hurts. My head has hurt since May. At least I can pull off complete sentences and the sound of my own typing is only mildly annoying.

I’m going to try to finish out my symptom descriptions in the next few weeks. The plan is for the surgery to fix the symptoms and I feel writing about them in the present tense is very important.

Thinking of symptoms I was describing the weird noise that happens when I turn my head to fast and the doctor said it’s probably the sound of my brain moving inside my head.  That’s a little freaky.  Ok more than a little. That alone was worth a five hour nap.

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