Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome Symptoms: Auditory

The symptom in the list is Autophony. I’m writing more generally about my auditory symptoms because today is a bad auditory symptom day. Is my typing so loud because I hear it through my fingers or because my hearing is super sensitive? I don’t know.

Noises outside my head cause feedback in my ear, make me dizzy, and sometimes makes my eye see little pulse circles.

Typing is making me sick. I have to stop.

1 thought on “Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome Symptoms: Auditory”

  1. […] Autophony: hearing my feet land on the floor like the boom of a low rider with too much bass driving by, my voice sounding loud in my head and quiet to others, the pop of my eyelids when I blinked, the sound of my own pulse, the swish of my brain when I turned my head too fast. […]

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