Lately my thoughts have been fidgeting. I try to focus but everything keeps pacing around this one thought: brain surgery. I feel very repetitive. I think I’ve even written about this before. It’s very hard to focus. Hard to compose posts. What could I write about? Brain surgery. I have three weeks of work left before… brain surgery! I should really make a poster to remind myself to rest and ask for help after… brain surgery. I wonder how much I will be up for while recovering from brain surgery.

I have gratitude that I could write about. Many people to thank for a variety of large and small acts.

I have symptoms, still so many symptoms, I could describe.

Maybe it’s because I’m still going to work and work is exhausting. I really do come home and take a two to three hour nap after work every day. When I wake up for a late dinner my brain feels unsurprisingly fuzzy.

Today I really wanted to post so I’m posting about posting.

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