SCDS Support

We all have those people who worked at a company we used to work at who were interesting and easy to get along with but never became friends for mysterious reasons like everybody being settled into their existing friend groups. They end up being “friends” on Facebook who post interesting pictures of their travels or links to the occasional article on North Korean propaganda art.

One such of those in my Facebook friends circle had surgery in the last year for Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome. Yep. Exactly what I have. Right down to the same side of his head. There are differences, there are always differences, but I met with him tonight and he’s the first person I’ve had look me in the eye with the same tiredness I feel and true empathy. The sort of empathy that comes of having the same symptoms, the same annoyances, the same struggle to make health decisions while struggling to make simple decisions.

Meeting with him was invaluable. I didn’t realize how important connecting with other people with similar experiences would be. I am tired now from going out and teary from being understood. Bed soon. Meanwhile gratitude. So much gratitude I did my thank you roll call before my post.

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