Push Through

Back when I was just your average geeky girl in P.E. class I was often told to “push through” whatever I was experiencing so I could achieve another lap or a higher climb or whatever. I hated the concept of pushing through. To me it was the opposite of “listen to your body” wisdom.

Today I woke up with a horrible headache. My little toe hurt because I stubbed it really hard on the stove last night and the ankle connected to the other foot felt wobbly. I ate a sedate breakfast, tried to lay in bed playing video games, got frustrated and moved to the living room to sit on the couch and watch TV. In the living room I could smell that it was kitty litter changing day and knew it wouldn’t get changed until Isaiah got home from work. I felt an instant of self pity which immediately transformed into a bull headed desire to push through.

I got up and changed the kitty litter then straightened the living room. There’s a chance I will pay for this later with a larger headache. In fact my headaches are always larger after I am active. Who cares though? The kitty litter doesn’t smell, the living room is livable. I am happy.

Thinking back I would never push through for P.E. because I had nothing attached to doing well in P.E. I have a lot attached to cleaning house, making it through a work day, appearing healthy, being independent. My conclusion is that even the wimpiest geek who never touched the ceiling on the rope climb will push through for things that really matter to her.

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