Post Op Plans

Today I went to brunch with my friend Pope. During our conversation he mentioned my blog is sorta sad. I told him I planned to do a “post surgery plans” post and he said that was sad too because I couldn’t do this stuff now. Fortunately he understands that now is just a sad time and a window into my mind right now isn’t going to be bright and shiny joy.

Welcome to my sad blog.

Overall I had a good day, an active day which led to a bad headache. I went to brunch and Halloween shopping. I came home to some amazing deliveries. More about that in my Thank You post.

The post I want to do is a list of things I plan on doing after my surgery, some just because, some because my hearing will be better, and some because I won’t have the vertigo issues.

  • Go see Rigoletto at Seattle Opera – ambitious because of the dates
  • Visit John and Lisa in NYC for cherry blossom season
  • River rafting over the summer
  • Finish some overdue baby quilts
  • Walk a lot
  • Take a backpacking camping trip
  • Do one of those deep overall house cleans that drives Isaiah crazy because it disturbs his sense of restfulness
  • Run for the fun of it
  • Climb Mt Hood

The list would be longer but the typing is hurting my head and I still want to do my Thank You post.

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