About the Website

Real Websites have security statements and privacy statements and statements about lots of other things depending on purpose, business association, and whether or not they are grant funded.

As my site is informal my statement will be equally informal. My website is hosted by WordPress.com and as a result their terms of service says a lot about my terms of service and their privacy policy says a lot about the privacy policy associated with this site. I highly recommend using WordPress for any site that is simply there to provide information and a means of contact. Their hosting is unbeatable. More complicated sites need programmers like me ;)

Generally you can count on me to do my best not to use your full name without permission or post emails or stories that are your stories and not my stories. For example “I stepped in dog poop the other day” is my story while “Dora stepped in dog poop the other day” is her story unless she fell on me trying to wipe the dog poop off her shoe and I fell as a result into more dog poop ha ha ha poop.

Isaiah story ownership was transferred in the small print of our marriage agreement which was so small he probably didn’t notice. Family stories (aka “My uncle ran away from home at a young age.”) I also consider to be mine but please feel free to let me know if I’ve overstepped a bound and I will likely pull the post.

Communication is key.

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