With winter holidays and my birthday coming up it’s time to make a little wishlist. There’s always my Amazon wishlist for ease of purchase and not having to hunt down my address but the following items are special and worth pointing out.

Memory Well Muse – I want this so much I may break the rule of not buying anything in the months before my birthday. I am sitting on my hands in the meanwhile.

Medusa in England – but let’s face it, it could easily be Oregon.

Hair Sticks ! ? – really, I’m growing my hair long again. Really ! ?

Tea cups. My teapot collection blossomed and somehow the number of tea cups fell behind. I suspect my tea party dreams will always be unbalanced. These need not be expensive, just imagine what would do well in a garden tea party.

Generally I love tea, sea turtles, rough skinned newts, trilliums, bees, elephants, natural fibers, plants that don’t poison cats, books of all types, bug jewelry, beeswax candles, the colors orange/teal/green/raspberry/rose/grey,  things that are easy to keep clean, glass not plastic, love not money.

Feel free to donate to liberal hippy causes in lieu of stuff.

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