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Hugo Generalities?

It’s important to note that the more difficult to review pieces of the Hugo nominations are the ones that refer to great scopes of work like best editor, artist, ‘cast, or ‘zine. Inevitably people will nominate those that lay within their domain of interest or experience. To then look over all the domains that made it through the nomination process from all the people with all the diverse interests is challenging to say the least.

To make this a little easier on myself I’m going to give it some scope. I’m only going to look at each person’s work as done in the last year. For example: Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing archive 2014 podcasts only. If that proves too daunting or editors too prolific I will do a random sampling and review based on that.

If anyone out there has a “best of” recommendation for the following (below the fold) I would really appreciate the pointer. Only for 2014 though. It seems the best way to be fair as well as smart:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Assignable -> (Me)
  • Realistic -> state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
  • Time-related -> (Due July 2015)

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Hugo Books?

Yesterday the downloadable packet of Hugo Award nominees was made available to members of Sasquan.  That means that next week I should start posting book & story reviews. In the meanwhile I will continue with the movies and TV shows which are not part of the packet and available for digital purchase, already owned by myself, or free on Netflix or through Amazon Prime.

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2015 Hugo Awards Best TV Show: Reviewing Grimm

Next TV show, conveniently free with Amazon Prime: Grimm. I watched the first season when it aired and half way through the second season but my joy in it lessened and I have not watched it since. Instead of trying to catch up I’m going to just watch the one episode up for the Hugo Award and see where I go from there.

Grimm: “Once We Were Gods”, written by Alan DiFiore, directed by Steven DePaul (NBC) (GK Productions, Hazy Mills Productions, Universal TV)

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2015 Hugo Awards Best Graphic Story: Reviewing Sex Criminals

Well this one definitely captured the “graphic” part of graphic story.

Sex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick, written by Matt Fraction, art by Chip Zdarsky (Image Comics)

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2015 Hugo Awards Best TV Show: Reviewing Orphan Black

OK, so technically it is “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form” but let’s just call it TV. As with anything that’s up for a Hugo I feel like I can’t watch a single episode or read the second in a series but rather need to review within context. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull that off with Dr Who but I have watched a number of classic episodes and a few of the new ones and feel sufficiently educated to vote. Meanwhile through Netflix I have watched the first two seasons of Orphan Black which ended with “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” the season two finale.

Orphan Black: “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”, ” written by Graham Manson, directed by John Fawcett (Temple Street Productions, Space/BBC America)

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2015 Hugo Awards Maybe After All

I still plan to read books for the 2016 Hugo Awards and submit nominees. My husband (delightful man) has managed to convince me I can read all the nominees for 2015 before the votes are due in July. I’ve taken it as a challenge and plan to try. Here’s the list:

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Reading for the Hugos

Just a bit ago the internet exploded with the news that some people decided to essentially stuff the ballot boxes of the Hugos. There are lots of articles about the whole affair including posts by Connie Willis, John Scalzi, George RR Martin, and Philip Sandifer (some harsh language).

The kicker is that while I have read and loved Hugo Award winners for most of my life I never realized how the Hugo Award winners were chosen. Short version? I can vote!

I love voting! I’m not going to vote this year, there’s not enough time to catch up on all the nominations, but I could be a small part of choosing next year’s Hugo Award winners.

(We’ll just ignore the fact that it’s possible to game the system and that some people think the Hugos are less meaningful because it’s based on fan vote.)  Super excited!

So I’m starting a new little side project that will get me reading more quality works as well as posting more here. I’m going to read a lot of written works that would qualify for the Hugo Awards and review them. Then next year when I vote I can go back through my reviews and choose my favorites.

Five star idea!

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