Home and Happy

I’m going to do a gratitude post and a ‘what the last week has been full of’ post later. Right now I just want to talk about how happy I am snuggled up at home.

I got home on Friday and have been, am on, a variety of pain medicines and vestibular suppressants. The after effects of a craniotomy do hurt more than the reasons to get a craniotomy but I know that once the craniotomy bits heal I will feel fantastic while SCDS is just something that does not heal on its own.

Today is my first day hanging out on the couch. It’s a little tiring but in a good way. Plus I was just tired of being in bed no matter how amusing the distractions have been. The kitten is curled up next to me, Mom & I are watching Chopped Season 7, I’m eating yummy mooselix (a la Isaiah who is at work) and Caro is plugging away at some work she can do in Oregon as easily as in Wisconsin. What a happy day.

Of course ordering these sentences is a little tiring so I think I’ll take a break. No need to overdo it. Just enjoy the warmth and love and light frosting of snow outside the windows.

The Day Before

I’ve tried to keep very busy today. I got a haircut at Wooptido by my friend Staci:
hair on floor
Staci cutting my hair 1
Staci cutting my hair 2
selfie of new haircut

Then I had sushi lunch with Pope, a long nap, dinner with Mom, Isaiah, Aimee & David & Bodhi. I introduced them to Blind Onion Pizza yummm. I also gave Bodhi one of my OHSU brain toys (squeezy fun) – the bright yellow one. I think I’m starting an Aunt Bee gives yellow presents trend. (Remember the yellow ukulele?)

Anyway Isaiah is doing laundry while I hang with Mom and watched Chopped. Just a relaxing evening before craniotomy.

Countdown Clock

The countdown clock used to be fun but now that it says “2 days” I don’t like it so much. Fortunately, fortunately?, my symptoms keep getting worse. Two days is awesome and two days is horrifying. Why not just give me a month from now? Two months? Why does the fork touching the plate have to be so loud? Or the click of my mouse? Or my breathing.

I often say if only the brain fog and fatigue can be fixed then I will be happy and I will. As my symptoms get worse though I have to say that I want all of them fixed. Every single symptom. Please.


In three days I check into the hospital to have my superior canal fixed. As an added bonus I get a window into my brain. Sounds so much nicer than craniotomy.

The last couple of days have been tiring. Now that I don’t have to save any energy to make it to work on weekdays I can over do it all I want.

Yesterday I had lunch, dinner and card games with Isaiah, John and Lisa. We hope to visit John and Lisa in May.

Today I went to the beauty salon and got my armpits waxed. This is probably too much information for many people but I think it’s an interesting idea on the list of things to do before surgery. Personally, I shave to avoid the way armpits smell when there’s hair there. Shaving while dizzy sounds horrifying and honestly the days between bathing are probably be longer than I’d prefer. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

The only other  things to do are:

  • go shopping for soft food for post surgery
  • organize my room a bit more with Danica’s help
  • do laundry on Tuesday:
    • cleanest sheets the night before
    • cleanest jammies
    • cleanest loose clothes to wear to the hospital
  • get my haircut
  • lunch with Molly